Connecting You To Me

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Meet Bonnie

My big bright idea began over 10 years ago and knowing one of my  greatest life regrets would be to not be an entrepreneur.  I had the ideas, the vision and some expertise in some areas, and I thought that would be enough to survive.  Well, early on into my business ownership, that is all I was doing was surviving and barely at that.  I needed to overcome some fundamental challenges I was having but could not imagine I was alone in this journey; I tackled each one with vengeance and vowed to guide others in their journey to success.  So… I asked myself these questions and I will ask you to do the same and  determine if you need to stop struggling and finally get the life you deserve and love!

1.      Does your belief system believe you deserve success?

2.      Do you have a relationship with Money that is healthy or toxic?

3.      Do you understand what you are truly offering, to who, and how to deliver it?

4.      Do you  know how to put that into a success strategy that would allow you to go from surviving to thriving?

5.      Are you willing to get the support you need to overcome any or all these challenges?

STOP Struggling to Find Your Brand Voice…I can help!

Bonnie Bonadeo – Speaker-Coach-Author-Audio Influencer, Bonnie is known as The Connection Coach plus Founder of The Beauty Agent Network Speaker –Educator Resource, The Education Agents and, Coach & Speaker, and Syndicated Host and Audio Influencer BEaUty Inside and Out, BEaUtiful Brands Inside and Out plus, 6x International Best-Selling Author.

Bonnie focuses on the people part of leadership, personal branding and public speaking.  By eliminating “overused and overrated techniques” and layers of “how to’s” she coaches others to uncover and discover their greatness and what is takes to elicit greatness in others.  She has trained and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and C- Suite Leaders to be better speakers and build a strong personal and company brand.  

Bonnie speaks authentically on her struggles and successes as a person, leader, speaker and entrepreneur to foster growth and awareness in others. She is the essence of being the beauty agent and of her brand which is all about Connecting You to You!