The Curious Leader Always A.A.A.S.K.

As leaders we become very black and white, my way or the highway but true leadership is emphatic, authentic and integral, it has compassion and nurturing built in and The Curious Leader guides and connects with others to get the best from them!

Join me in The Curious Leader Revolution!

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Ask the right questions!

How do you know what the right questions are? They come from a place of curiostity, not knowing or assuming. They start with “What” and “How”…never “Why”

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Actively Listen!

If you are thinking of your rebuttal or trying to win in your head then you are definitely not listening. You will know when you are truly listening as empathy and compassion will be present to lead others in a way that supports them.

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The world needs more acknowledgement…and it is simple to do but hard to incorporate. It starts with actively listening and allowing the other person to feel heard.

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Stay in the conversation until it has the desired outcome by both parties or both parties understand and are clear on the expectations.

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Key in on outcomes and results!

The Curious Leader, understands this is not a fix or a band-aid, it is allowing others to feel valued, appreciated, heard and acknowledged and with that comes real change in actions and behaviors and better results, increased loyalty from others.